Horse Training

Our trainers have studied Holistic Horsemanship and Enlightened Classical Riding methods for years. They all take ongoing and frequent continuing education courses with mentors around the country to stay sharp and offer you and your horse the best training experience possible. Horse training is available on a limited basis. Our focus is on solid basics, dressage and natural horsemanship methods. Our trainers specialize in:

Enlightened Holistic Riding

Connect with your horse on a whole new level using lightness and mental connection. Using the “less is more” philosophy and applying good solid foundational basics, we start your horse under saddle the right way or help solve problems and do tune-ups for movement or minor behavior issues under saddle.

Holistic Horsemanship

We cover a wide variety of issues, such as saddle starting, behavior issues, problem-solving (such as medical issues and ground manners), remedial issues (ground manners, bolting, rearing, kicking, etc.), untouched or barely touched horses (haltering, leading, bathing, grooming, medical, feet), trailer loading issues, farrier prep and issues.

Saddle starts, re-starts and tune-ups


Holistic Horse Evaluations

Holistic Horsemanship addresses the entire picture for you and your horse. We focus on training, handling, environment, nutrition and more.

Biomechanics, Lameness, Exercise and Fitness

Can’t get a left lead canter? Horse won’t come around under saddle? We can help!

House Calls

We make house calls on a limited basis to evaluate and provide training on your farm.

ROTH Certified

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