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Spirit Horse Center has extensive experience and skill in instructing riders and those seeking to understand the language of the horse from the ground and under saddle. We teach the language of the horse, an understanding of how horses think and learn, combined with an energetic connection and visualization that starts on the ground and translates up into the saddle.

From very basic ground manners to upper-level classical dressage movements, we can teach beginners to advanced students. We can accommodate riders as young as 5 years old. We offer private individual lessons, where students can expect a quality experience from professional instructors who take great pride in their work. We specialize in the following:

Holistic Horsemanship Training

Holistic Horsemanship addresses the entire picture for you and your horse: training, handling, environment, nutrition and more. We use the Reach Out to Horses gentle training and handling methods, creating a solid foundation upon which you can build an outstanding and lifelong partnership with your horse. You’ll learn how your horse learns and how to speak its language, while creating a safe and calm environment for you both. We will help you and your horse partner and work through issues. We strongly recommend all humans attend lessons while their horse is in training with us.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

*Thorough but gentle colt starts that lay an excellent foundation for a lifelong partnership  – when it comes to colt starts you get what you pay for. A badly done or ignorant colt start can set your horse up for lifelong remedial issues. The saddle start is one of the most important times in a horse’s life.  With the proper colt start you can take your dream partner into any discipline and feel good knowing you’ve got a great foundation.

* Remedial issues for farrier, medical, trailer loading and more. We can fix problems created via abuse or ignorance and help you have a drama free partnership. We have taken extensive training to understand how horses think and learn. This helps us to gently but thoroughly unravel any remedial issues your partner may have all while giving him a voice and a choice.

* Ground Manners

*Untouched Horses  – Staci has worked quite a bit with mustangs and untouched horses. If you have one and need help – let her help you gentle your new partner – she can help keep you both safe and build a foundation of trust without forcing and trauma.

* Biomechanics issues – a specialty at our barn. Doesnt matter your discipline we can help your horse last longer by moving better.

*Long lining, round penning

*Spook busting and desensitizing

Enlightened Training/Riding Lessons

Feeling stuck? Can’t get a left lead canter? Horse won’t come around under saddle? Gaited horse won’t gait easily? Want to be lighter and more connected? Want to feel safer and calmer when riding? Want to learn biomechanics that will have your horse physically holding up long after your friends? From beginner to advanced, we can definitely help!

We can help western or english riders!  Being flexible trainers and riding instructors, we can teach basics of correct riding (no matter your discipline theres a correct foundation) all the way up to upper level dressage and everything in between.

Horsemanship Lessons

Beginner (never touched a horse) to advanced (horse savvy folks) we can help you become a safer, kinder, more knowledgeable horse person.

How do horses learn and process information? How does equine anatomy affect  behavior? How does one keep from inadvertently teaching horses bad habits? How does one deal with challenging behaviors? How to keep your body safe when working around horses. How to keep horses safe and happy. These topics and oh so much more are covered in horsemanship lessons as well as practical handling skills such as:

Correct and safe haltering and leading

Round Penning

Long lining

Spook busting

Proper and safe grooming and tacking

Much much more

A great place to start before progressing on to riding for those:

* Wishing to buy a horse in the future

*Those new to horses

*Those with young, rescue or challenging horses

* Who simply want to learn more about horses

Staci and Maranda are available for horsemanship lessons. We strongly recommend all new to horses start in horsemanship lessons before moving on to riding.

*** We can provide  Zoom/ FaceTime horsemanship and or situational consults for those at great distance. Contact us for details.

For more information and current pricing on training and instruction, call us at 218-825-4944.


You can use any saddle as long as it properly fits your horse. Riding is riding. We teach people and horses how to be calm, connected, safe and moving correctly under saddle. The type of saddle is not our concern!

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