Buying a Horse

Thinking of buying a horse for you or your child? We always tell our clients that the cheap part is the horse. Horses are a huge financial and time commitment. It is far less expensive to pay an expert to help you up front than to pay someone to train or rehab a health or behavioral issue. We can help you ensure that the horse you buy is mentally and physically healthy. Many times, folks who do not have a trained eye cannot see potential health issues such as lameness and are unable to recognize potential behavioral issues until it is too late. We can help you find and screen horses, make visits with you and help you decide on the best fit for your situation from “bomb proof” kid horses through to a horse that will take you places in the show ring. We can also help you connect with your new partner via a comprehensive lesson and training plan.

Developing a Connection with Your Horse

Bought a new horse and you need a little extra help to get started in your new partnership? We specialize in custom comprehensive training and lesson plans with homework to help you both. Board your horse with us on a short- or long-term basis, trailer in, or have us visit your farm.

Enhancing Your Relationship with Your Horse

Feeling stuck in your current relationship with your horse? Give us a call – we can help. We will assess all aspects in a holistic fashion – history, behavior, nutrition, biomechanics, connection, your skill level, etc. – and come up with a tailored plan to help you both obtain the trust-based partnership you’re longing for. We can help with long-term, avid equestrians as well as beginners, casual riders and horse owners. Contact us for your consult.

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