At Spirit Horse Center, you’ll find some of the best indoor and outdoor boarding services in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Our facilities are clean and safe, and we offer a number of extra services at no charge. Your horse is closely monitored, well cared for and receives ample high-quality hay and water daily.

Indoor Boarding

We have indoor climate-controlled stalls that accommodate 15 horses. The stalls are cleaned daily and feature rubber mat footing. Each day, the horses are turned out into the pastures or moved to private paddocks. Horses receive grain twice a day and are blanketed as needed at no additional cost.

Outdoor Boarding

Horses that are boarded outdoors at Spirit Horse Center can use spacious Hi Qual Turnout Shelters to protect themselves from the weather. An automatic watering system ensures that they have access to water at all times, and ultra-safe Electrobraid Fencing is used around the perimeter of each pasture. Hay, salt and mineral blocks are available.

Short-Term Boarding

For those who bring their horse to the Brainerd Lakes Area during vacation or are looking for short-term boarding for medical care, we offer short-term, temporary boarding, with most of the features and services that we provide to long-term boarders. Call us for more information, rates and availability.

Private Paddocks

Private paddocks are available for injured horses, stallions and show horses.

All Boarders

Boarding customers have access to our state-of-the-art facility, including our large, well-lit, climate-controlled indoor arena, huge outdoor arena, spacious wash rack and tack room, as well as our comfortable club room where the coffee is always on! Semi-private “small herd” pastures are also available on a limited basis. We even have wooded trails on our property that customers can use.

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