Chemical Free Fly Spray Recipe – Essential Oils

Made with Young Living Essential Oils  – Staci has been a Young Living Distributor for  well over a decade and grew up learning how to work with them from her Grandmother DeLyte who was one of the original YL Distributors in the early 90s!

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Ive been formulating this recipe for years. Please enjoy.

Spirit Horse Center Fly Spray Recipe

In a 16oz spray bottle:

**Leave a little room at the top for soap and oils 3 parts water
1 part mineral oil
1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap

10 drops Peppermint oil (flies)
10 drops Purification oil (gnats and mosquitos) 10 drops Aroma Siez (Young Living blend)

Change up your spray throughout the season as the flies get dull to it. You can also change it to respond to what types of insects your herd is combatting.

Lots of mosquitos and gnats? Add one or more of the following: Purification oil (5-10 drops) Melrose oil (3-5 drops) Melaleuca oil (5 drops)

Flies really bad?
Add one or more of the following: Peppermint (5-10 drops)
Aroma Siez (5 drops)
Clove oil (3 drops)
Idaho Tansy (3 drops)
Lavender (5-10 drops)

Horse flies leaving welts?
Add 1⁄2 tablespoon more Dawn dish soap

Spray chests, bellies, legs (inside and out) and both sides of the neck liberally for the best results.

Spirit Horse Center Testimonial:
“We have found that most of the time we do not NEED to use commercial fly spray. Commercial spray can cost upwards of $30 per bottle. Our horses are much happier with this nontoxic/cost efficient blend, as are we!”

Spirit Horse Center also suggests ​Young Living Animal Scents ointment​ to areas affected by insect bites.


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