Chase those “buggy blues” away with our homemade insect repellent recipe using essential oils!

Can be used on horses, dogs, kids humans etc. Should also be a great short term tick repellent.

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Before we begin with our flying insect repellent recipe we offer a great tip for gnat protection. We smear a very light layer of Animal Scents Ointment in the affected areas (ears chest bellies etc). The application generally lasts 2-3 days. This serves two purposes. Healing any raw areas and further repelling gnats. Works and smells great!

Basic Flying Insect Repellent Recipe
Two things to note about this recipe:
1) We arent into precise measurements. We make this on the fly (haha pardon the pun) in the barn aisle.
2) As the insect populations change by time of day or time of year this recipe can be modified to selectively combat insects that are more intense at specific times for example adding extra peppermint when the flies are bad etc etc.

You will need:
Peppermint Oil & Purification blend Oil, an average size spray bottle, plain mineral oil (can be found at Fleet Farm in the Health and Beauty Section) Dawn Dish Soap and Tap Water.
Fill bottle 2/3 full with tap water
Add Mineral oil  to the bottom of the neck of the bottle.
Add a squirt of dish soap (approx 2 tbl)
Add ten drops of peppermint

Alternate add ins:
5 drops Idaho Tansy – flies
5 drops lemongrass – gnats and mosquitos
10 drops melalueca – flies and mosquitos
5 drops Aroma Life – flies
5-10 drops of lavender – all flying insects and soothing to bitten areas
5-10 drops clove – flies later in the season

Add ten drops of Purification blend
Shake well before use.
Apply liberally to bellies, groin,legs and tails.

*additional helpful tip – grapefruit and peppermint applied neat onto kids and dogs makes a great short term tick repellent.

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