WOW the BUGS ARE MEAN this summer.

We have been experimenting again trying to combat bugs in an economical, healthy and environmentally friendly way.
As the summer wears on we have found that this year the flies are much more persistent.
We have been using Young Living Animal Scents Ointment applied in a thin layer from the knees/hocks down (concentrating on the joints and coronet bands) and bellies chests and groins to keep the flies at bay.
We have also changed up our fly spray recipe a bit in an effort to keep the flies at bay.
*Side note – we DO use commercial fly sprays at the barn in times on extreme need – however we were dismayed to discover that many commercial brands not only contain propylene glycol (antifreeze ingredient?) but are also extremely harmful to fish and aquatic environments.

2/3 water
1/3 mineral oil
2 tbl dawn dish soap
10 drops geranium
10 drops clove
10 drops aroma siez blend
10 drops thyme

this can be used on people and dogs as well…be aware however that some of these oils are photosensitive and may cause a sun reaction on more sensitieve individuals. We have not had any negative reactions thus far.

Alison Nygren is our essential oils rep for Spirit Horse Center – she can be reached at alisonnygren@gmail.com

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