News from Spirit Horse Center - April 2012

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_1A Friday evening with clinician Melisa Pearce

Nationally recognized horsewoman, clinician, psychotherapist and author Melisa Pearce will be at Spirit Horse Center May 4 for an “Equi-Spiritual” evening. She’ll talk about the clairsentience and vibrational field of horses, chakra and ties between horses and humans, and more. Start time is 7:45 p.m. – light appetizers, and beverages. click here to sign up.

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_2Spring-icize your horse with essential oils

Essential oils can be used for a wide variety of treatments for your horse, everything from repelling ticks to treating thrush to calming horses to treating sore muscles. Read about these uses and more, and how Spirit Horse Center has its own sales rep. Click here

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_3The subconscious mind by Dr. Don

Subconscious beliefs can have a lot to do with the successes – or lack thereof – you have in life. Dr. Don explains how “epigenetic markers” can program your subconscious mind and how forming new markers can lead to lasting change and success in your life. Click here to read about it on Spirit Horse Center’s new blog.

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_4Horse Ownership 101

Curious about what it takes to own a horse? We’re offering a new three-hour course called Horse Ownership 101 that will cover everything from A to Z, including expenses, care, responsibilities, how to buy a horse, boarding, etc. We want you to go into horse ownership with your eyes wide open. Click here for more details and for dates.

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_5Ladies, the barn is yours!

Similar Spirits – Women & Horses Gathering is back at Spirit Horse Center. It’s for women who share a passion for horses and enjoy spending time together while riding and learning more about these magnificent creatures. It’s a two-hour program where ability levels don’t matter. What is important is that women get a chance to enjoy each other’s company and ride. Click here for more details and dates.

SH_Newsletter_April_2012_Image_6Summer kids camp dates are set

The dates for Little Spirits Summer Camps and Little Spirits Day Camps are set and will fill fast! All summer camps run from June-August and offer a mix of riding instruction and horse-related education, crafts, games and more. All riding abilities are welcome. Click here for more details.

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