Staci Grattan

Owner, Head Trainer and Instructor

Staci grew up next door, keeping her horses on the property with a renovated boxcar serving as a barn. She’s a fourth-generation horsewoman so it’s not surprising that she’s been following in her great-grandfather Albin’s footsteps, always looking for a more gentle and compassionate way to work with horses. Her love of horses started at a young age with her first pony, Sugar, and her first horse, Manassa, at age 10.
For Staci and her husband, Brion Fornshell, Spirit Horse Center has been a dream in the making for years. In addition to owning and operating the barn and a home health care company, Grattan HealthCare Inc., Staci is still passionate about horses and continues to study the dynamics between horses and humans with some of the foremost riding and horsemanship experts in the country. She is knowledgeable on multi-pronged holistic horsemanship approaches, including trust-based leadership and clear compassionate communication, handling and training, training through proper body mechanics and relaxation, energy and visualization, supplements and much more. She’s also proficient in many horse health, soundness and wellbeing areas, as well as Reiki, reflexology and energy work.

  • Reach Out to Horses Certified Trainer – having completed and passed the intensive 5 year coursework and one week exams.
  • Studied under Enlightened French Dressage Classical Master Dominique Barbier and Equine Biomechanics and Enlightened Dressage expert Debra Barbier of Barbier Farm since 2011 and continues to ride multiple times a year with both.
  • Studied with Reach Out to Horses Founder Anna Twinney since 2011, is a ROTH Certified Trainer and does continuing education and mentoring under Anna on a regular basis.
  • Studied under multiple Animal Communicators including Nancy Lennon, Joyce Leake and Anna Twinney. Assists clients with Animal Communication and mentors under renowned Animal Communicator Anna Twinney.
  • Reiki Level 3, Masterson basic massage, proficient in energy work, animal nutrition, gemstone and flower essences, essential oils and homeopathy.
  • Worked with a vast array of horses around the U.S., from untouched mustangs in Wyoming and Colorado to Tribal Foals in Oregon to Lusitanos from Brazil in California to rescue horses with remedial issues to fancy and baroque dressage horses. Horses are an important part of Staci’s life, she has traveled many miles to experience the joy and wonder of connecting with them.
  • Highly proficient in biomechanics and movement issues no matter the discipline you ride.
  • Thorough, gentle colt starts that set a great foundation for future partnership.
  • Specializes in a Holistic and Enlightened approach to horsemanship and riding.
  • Specializes in problem-solving, remedial/behavioral issues and fixing issues without traumatizing your horse or creating new issues.
  • Big picture/holistic approach to horsemanship and riding, gentle and done the way that best suits your horse’s learning style.
  • 2020 Staci became a BEMER Horse Blanket Dealer  (PEMF device) and became a Senior BEMER dealer in 2021
  • 2021 Staci Completed the intensive ten day course with Dr Regan Golob “Where have all the Horsemen Gone” covering Regan’s unique and comprehensive holistic equine health program that includes his healing Bio Energetic Analysis Technique  (B.E.A.T) as well as barefoot trimming introductory info and equine nutrition. B.E.A.T. has become a routine part of Staci’s training sessions to assist uncomfortable horses.
  • 2021 – Staci is in the process of completing the Reach Out to Horses “Train the Instructor” coursework. This is a prestigious “invite only’ intensive 2/3 year program within the Reach Out to Horses program.

Staci is available for riding lessons, training and holistic horsemanship consults at the facility, at your farm within 90 miles of Spirit Horse Center or via Facetime/Zoom.

Staci BioROTH Certified

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