Maranda Riley
Facility  Co- Manager, Trainer, Instructor

Growing up with horses, Maranda has been a lifelong horse advocate and lover. In 2015, she was searching for a job that fed her passion for and innate love of horses – she found it at Spirit Horse Center. Three years later, she was promoted to Assistant Facility Manager and Assistant Trainer,  in 2020 she was promoted to Co- Manager and Trainer/Instructor.

Maranda has been mentoring under Staci since coming on board to work at Spirit Horse Center, assisting with training horses at the facility, including colt starts, remedial issues, basic exercise, biomechanics and exercise programs. Maranda is on the path to becoming a Reach Out to Horses Certified Trainer herself, beginning the process with the intensive two-week ROTH Foundation course summer 2018. She is finding the horsemanship journey to be incredible and the picture bigger than she ever imagined from biomechanics to partnership and clear communication to lightness – the learning is endless in her quest to be a voice for the horses. Maranda’s philosophy is to go into every training session with a horse or lesson with a client with an open mind and a willingness to take in something new – she encourages others to do the same. Maranda is also working on educating herself regarding other holistic aspects of horse care, including nutrition and complimentary therapies. Maranda is available for basic riding and horsemanship lessons as well as training.

*Maranda is nearly complete with the intensive 3-5 year long Reach Out to Horses Train the Trainer Program. She is set to complete her course work Summer 2021 and intends to take the challenging week long exams in 2022. We are so proud of her!


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