101 Things to do with your Horse!

Do you love your horse? Silly question I know.

But, do you find yourself wishing you could do more with them than just ride? You groom and ride and groom and feed and… then you spend time with them… “just being”. Which is great! But then what? What else is there is to do?

“I watched the first clip of the 101 series.It is just awesome! I feel like I am right in the middle of it. Anna and the beautiful Charlotte in my living room. This is very beneficial to keep me on my toes. I could watch this countless times and still learn more about the conversation.” Carolina in New Mexico


Welcome to 101 Things to do with your horse!

Created by our mentor Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses  – there are already hours of videos and more being added weekly. Discover new ways to spend time with your horse and unlock new levels of partnership. We are using this program here at our facility and loving it!

As a Reach Out to Horses affiliate and because Staci is a Reach Out to Horses Certified Trainer – we are able to offer this awesome video opportunity and get credit here at our facility!

This program is a game-changer. It is going to not only change what you do with your horses but also your partnership, your bond, and your knowledge. In short it is going to change everything about your horsemanship and your relationship with your equine companion.

What is 101 Things to Do with Your Horse?

101TDwYH is an online, streaming program that will give you tons of ideas, activities, and tips to try with your horse. You will never be bored again or lost for something to do.

For an entire year, you will unlock 2 short video lessons each week. The video lessons run an averages of between 7-10 minutes and they will teach you everything you need to know to try the exercises for yourself, on your time. And what’s even more exciting is that the topics of the activities vary so you won’t be doing the same thing, or variations on the same theme, over and over again.

Topics of the lessons include:

  • Authentic equine communication, connection, and collaboration
  • Discovering new possibilities of liberty and profound life lessons for you and your horse
  • Energy healing, health, nutrition and multiple alternative healing modalities for your horse
  • Positive reinforcement techniques personalized and expanded for training tricks
  • Mindful meditation that will open up the silent and secret telepathic language of your horse
  • Eliminating gadgets and experiencing the freedom of bitless and bridle-less riding
  • Experiencing the benefits of collaborative leadership vs dominance-based one-way dialogue!
  • And lots and lots more!

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